Our personality

Chris Freer and Jon Jenion brought their talents together to build a company that is founded in quality and structure. The Genuine Custom Builders story is one of hard work, strong ethics, and partnership. 

In 2015, the Genuine brand was developed as a way to connect with homeowners, developers, and businesses who appreciate good, quality workmanship and working with a custom home build or renovation company that they can trust. We understand that your residential or commercial space is one of your greatest investments; why leave anything to chance?

Genuine Custom Builders is the result of two genuinely passionate guys, Chris and Jon, who bring an immense level of dedication to every job site, no matter how big or small the project. Every aspect of our work is team driven, and collaboration with clients is a priority. Our goal is to work closely with clients, enabling us to ask the right questions, anticipate challenges, and ultimately provide the best service for the client’s known, and unknown, needs. Customer service and quality craftsmanship are always our priority, and these are goals that we strive to achieve every day.


Genuine Custom Builders will work to educate our clients and provide honest opinions based on experience. We believe in delivering hands-on ethical service that you can trust.

Our clients can depend on our experience and honesty

Genuine Custom Builders has been operating in the Okanagan region since 1998 and our clients have come to rely on our skillset and depth of knowledge in the industry. We operate with the utmost level of honesty and integrity, giving our clients the ability to trust us with their project.

We deliver quality, regardless of the cost or budget

As entrepreneurs, Chris and Jon understand the value of a dollar and we are committed to delivering quality to our clients, no matter the project or budget size. We want our clients to feel that they have received ‘Bang for the Buck’ and we go the extra mile to ensure our reputation is maintained.